Deviating samples are samples which may jeopardise the validity of the reported test result for one or more of the following reasons:

  •  are not preserved correctly
  •  may have exceeded their maximum holding time prior to analysis
  •  lack the date and time of sampling
  •  are not cooled
  •  have inappropriate headspace
  •  have insufficient quantity

Accordingly we will review all samples on receipt and a trained ELAB technician will assess whether the sample is suitable with regard to the requested test(s). Should the sample be found to be deviating, we will contact you and request further instructions. Should you wish the deviating sample to be analysed, we will include a disclaimer in the report, clearly stating that the sample was deviating and that, as a result, the test result(s) may be invalid.

To help you prepare your samples, call and discuss your needs with our Technical team who will provide the appropriate containers in thermally insulated boxes for free transportation to our labs.

To order your sample containers please complete the request form on our Logistics Page SAMPLE CONTAINER REQUEST

Call now on 01424 718618 or 0845 900 7004 to arrange for your samples to be collected for testing.