Free Collection, Free Containers, Fast Track Options

To help you prepare your samples and ensure accurate analysis, call and discuss your needs with our Technical team who will provide the appropriate containers in thermally insulated boxes for free transportation to our labs (Please see our page on Deviating Samples for further information).

Free sample collection is also available so don’t hesitate to call and book a local collection or National courier service, to transport your samples safely and securely for processing.

On-line Collection and Container Request

To make things easier for you we have designed an on-line function that allows you to book collections and arrange Sample Containers to be delivered at your convenience. These functions can be found through the drop down menu on the Logistics tab or by following the links below:

Fast Track Processing Available

Testing is usually undertaken on a 10 day turnaround, however, fast track options are available for quick turnaround when time is an issue. Talk to our Collection team about your processing needs and our Fast Track 3, 5 or 7 day turnaround options. Please note that certain tests require long duration processing and can’t be done in less than the prescribed time (i.e. WAC in less than 5 days). We can also provide single parameter 24hr turnaround on specific tests, subject to availability. Call our Technical team to discuss your requirements.

Call now on 01424 718618 or 0845 900 7004 to arrange for your samples to be collected for testing.