Contaminated Land, Water and Leachates Analysis

There are unacceptable risks to human health and the environment from historic land contamination which were addressed in the UK through the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Environment Agency (EA) and DEFRA provides further information on the legal framework and issues related to bringing contaminated land back into safe use.

At ELAB we can help provide data on both toxicity in soil and its effect on the environment. Our data reporting meets the needs of specialists including Site Investigators, Remediation Specialists, Geotechnical and Geo-environmental experts and Engineering Consultants.

Environmental testing and analysis of a wide range of contaminants for investigations/monitoring of contaminated sites and for groundwater investigations. The testing done can include (but is not restricted to) the following:

WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria)

"Tank Testing" to determine the leaching characteristics of solidified (monolithic) wastes.

Asbestos Analysis

ELAB provide P401 fully trained technicians to examine and identify all forms of asbestos and indicate the likely levels of operator exposure when handling sample material.

Metals Analysis

We use ICPMS for metals analysis, and can offer analysis of a large number of metals down to very low detection levels.

Analysis of Organic compounds

These are analysed using gcms or gcfid. Regularly analysed are PAH's, PCB's, SVOC's, Volatile Compounds (by gcms headspace analysis), OrganoChlorine and Organonitrogen pesticides . Again detection levels are very low. We have occasionally analysed for explosives.

Our instrumentation is such that we can analyse for many hundreds of organic compounds. We are also able to undertake general scans to identify any unknowns present. This is done by searching through the NIST Library of about 180,000 compounds which are then reported by name and CAS number together with an approximation of the amount present. HPLC instrumentation is used for analysis of phenols, elemental sulphur and various herbicides. 

Monitoring of Nuisance Dust

We can attend site to take the samples or will hire equipment and weighed filters etc, to clients for site monitoring of air contaminants.

Waste Discharge Analysis

ELAB can provide a tailored waste discharge report covering all the typical contaminates limited and controlled by the waste sewage undertakers.

Our senior staff have wide experience of testing and analysis over many years which means we are often able to undertake difficult or unusual analysis which may not be available from other laboratories.

We are constantly in the process of enhancing and upgrading our services and instruments, resulting in better detection limits (LOD’s) and more consistent analytical results.