The Landfill Directive (EU Directive 99/31/EC) places controls on waste disposal which include the requirements to follow waste acceptance procedures and criteria agreed by the Council of the EU. The waste acceptance procedures and criteria are set out in the Council Decision (2003/33/EC), and in Schedule 10 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010. Further information on WAC is available from the Environmental Agency.

If you believe that the waste you need to dispose of should go to a landfill then you need to establish if the waste meets the acceptance criteria of the disposal site. ELAB provide the following standard test suites to BS 12457-3 :

  •  WAC – Full Waste Suite
  •  WAC – Inert Waste Suite
  •  WAC – Hazardous Waste Suite

Additionally we undertake testing to support Waste Characterisation Procedures. Technical Guidance WM3: Waste Classification - Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste, has now been published by the Environmental Agency and can be found on the UK Government site.

ELAB can offer quick turnaround on WAC Single Stage testing (10:1 leaching test) as recommended by the Environmental Agency to replace the traditional two stage batch test. For further information on how adopting this testing strategy can save you time and money please call our Client Liaison Manager on 01424 718618 or 07956 550806.

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Call and ask to talk to our technical team for guidance on the right suite for your waste.

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